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St. Paul

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St. Paul Foundry's Mission, Vision, and Values


Mission Statement

Saint Paul Foundry is a World Class Manufacturer of high quality nonferrous cast products. Our focus is on continuous improvement to our customers, stockholders, employees and the community.



Our vision is to be "Best in Class" in the market segments we serve.


Values - The Short List

  • Constant and Faithful
  • Creative, Courageous, and Optimistic
  • Essential and Consequential
  • Professional and Respectful


Values - Expanded

  • Constant and Faithful

    • We are constant, faithful and true.

    • We are faithful to ourselves and each other. We are faithful to the truth.

    • We are steadfast and relentless. We are firm in mind and purpose.

    • We are faithful to St. Paul Foundry. Our livelihood comes from the organization. We recognize that we cannot prosper if the organization does not prosper and so we act in the best interest of the company before personal needs.

  • Creative, Courageous, and Optimistic

    • We do not see problems as obstacles. We know they are part of the landscape of life. We see them as opportunities to grow.

    • We feel a charge of energy and curiosity when we realize we get to use our creative energies to come up with excellent solutions.

    • Courage produces calm. We are unafraid to meet any challenge.

  • Essential and Consequential

    • What we do matters. The complex shapes we build support the fabric of civilization. We are an essential industry. We are essential individuals. We care.

    • We give back. We serve generously. We know that all we do reflects on us and reverberates for good or bad and for all posterity.

  • Professional and Respectful

  • We are professional in all that we do. In our actions, our bearing, our dress, our productivity, and the quality of our work. It is important to our company that we treat everyone, no matter who they are or what their station is in life, with equality and respect across the board.

  • We take great pride in our artisanship and it’s history. We honor those that have helped build St. Paul Foundry since it’s inception in 1869. Metal casting is a process that’s over 6,000 years old, and with that, we are very proud, yet humbled, by what we do. Out of respect to ourselves, we hone our skills. We grow constantly. We can always be better tomorrow than we were today.

  • We are faithful to the code of ethics that guides us. We understand the importance of compliance with contracts, specifications, laws, regulations, processes, procedures and instructions. We respect and follow the rules. We compose ourselves in a way that brings honor and respect to ourselves, our company, our families, our country, and our creator.

  • When we work, we work hard. When it's time to play, we play because we know we cannot be our best at work without rest and recreation. We choose healthy play that revitalizes our minds, bodies and spirits.


St. Paul Foundry
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