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Collapse AluminumAluminum
Heat Treatments
Aluminum Numbering
Compare Alloy Properties
Lead Standard
Collapse 200 Series200 Series
201.0 Aluminum Copper
A206.0 Aluminum Copper
208.0 Aluminum Copper
222.0 Aluminum Copper Silicon
242.0 Aluminum Copper Silicon
295.0 Aluminum Copper Silicon
Collapse 300 Series300 Series
319.0 Aluminum Silicon Copper
354.0 Aluminum Silicon Copper
355.0 Aluminum Silicon Copper
C355.0 Aluminum Silicon Copper
356.0 Aluminum Silicon Magnesium
A356.0 Aluminum Silicon Magnesium
A357.0 Aluminum Silicon Magnesium
Collapse 500 Series500 Series
514.0 Aluminum Magnesium
520.0 Aluminum Magnesium
535.0 Aluminum Magnesium 535.0
Collapse 700 Series700 Series
712.0 Aluminum Zinc
713.0 Aluminum Zinc
771.0 Aluminum Silicon Magnesium
Collapse Brass & BronzeBrass & Bronze
Copper Prices Chart
Lead Standard
Compare Alloy Properties
Collapse Red BrassesRed Brasses
C83300 Leaded Red Brass
C83400 Leaded Red Brass
C83450 Low Lead Red Brass
C83600 '85-5-5-5' Leaded Red Brass
C83800 Leaded Red Brass
C84200 Leaded Semi Red Brass
C84400 Leaded Semi Red Brass
C84800 Leaded Semi Red Brass
C85400 Leaded Red Brass
C97600 Leaded Red Brass
C99500 Leaded Red Brass
Collapse Yellow Brass (Manganese Bronze)Yellow Brass (Manganese Bronze)
C86200 '423' High Strength Yellow Brass
C86300 '424' High Strength Yellow Brass
C86400 '420' High Strength Yellow Brass
C86500 '421' High Strength Yellow Brass
Collapse Silicon BronzesSilicon Bronzes
C87200 Silicon Bronze
C87500 Silicon Brass
C87600 Silicon Brass
C87610 Copper Silicon Alloy
Collapse Tin BronzesTin Bronzes
C90300 'Navy G' Tin Bronze
C90500 'SAE 62' Tin Bronze
C90700 'SAE 65' Tin Bronze
C92700 Copper Tin Alloy
C93200 'SAE 660' Leaded Tin Bronze
C93400 Leaded Tin Bronze
C93700 Leaded Tin Bronze
C93800 Leaded Tin Bronze
Collapse Aluminum BronzesAluminum Bronzes
C95200 '9A' Aluminum Bronze
C95300 '9B' Aluminum Bronze
C95400 '9C' Aluminum Bronze
C95500 '9D' Nickel Aluminum Bronze
C95800 Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Collapse Copper NickelsCopper Nickels
C96200 Copper Nickel
C96400 70-30 Copper Nickel
Collapse QualityQuality
Quality Manual
Collapse IndustriesIndustries
Oil & Gas Industry
Pump Industry
Aerospace Castings
Naval Castings
Collapse PlaquesPlaques
Installed Plaques
Plaque Photo 1
Plaque Photo 2
Bataan Memorial
Ordering Plaques
Mounting Boss Detail
Collapse Design GuideDesign Guide
Casting Design
Collapse Casting ProcessesCasting Processes
Airset Molding
Greensand Molding
Isocure Core
Shell Core
Oil Sand Core
Collapse Casting TolerancesCasting Tolerances
Datum Targets
Finish Tolerance
Holes & Pockets
Linear Tolerances
Witness Marks
Defect Glossary
Foundry Terminology
Tooling Terminology
Mold Design
Collapse AboutAbout
Collapse Mission, Vision and ValuesMission, Vision and Values
Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy
Collapse OperationsOperations
Lean Foundry
Safety First
Equipment List
Value Added
Terms and Conditions
Site Map
Collapse ArticlesArticles
PPAP Basics
Our Exceptionalism
Essentially Blessed
Green Metalcasting
By The Fire
Collapse EmploymentEmployment
Employment Application

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